Pin Your Affiliate Links to 20 Big Pinterest Community Boards


Pin Your Affiliate Links to 20 Big Pinterest Community Boards
Pinterest become such a big money spinner for affiliate marketers but then suddenly disabled using affiliate links! That forced people to link to their landing pages. But Pinterest have now allowed affiliate links again! This means buyers don't need to visit your site and hopefully click on your affiliate link, they can do it on Pinterest!

Mostly everyone knows how Pinterest was the fastest growing social networking photo sharing site. It's users also spend more money per pin than any other social media site user does. Made up of boards that people can follow in unlimited amounts. And only with my service can you get your affiliate pins in the biggest Pinterest community boards on Pinterest!

20 Exclusive Big Community Board Affiliate Pins
  • I will pin your affiliate links, products, services or whatever with nice images.
  • To 20+ Big Community boards that closely match to your niche and industry.
  • I am a member and collaborator of over 250 boards in many niches.
  • Mostly I have boards in food, recipe, health, travel, music, fashion, home & more.
Features of these community board affiliate pins
  • Very exclusive massive community boards.
  • Some boards have millions of followers in them.
  • Your pins are seen by more people than pinning alone.
  • Your pins will get more repins than normal self pins do.
  • Exclusively for affiliate marketers to get direct sales with from Pinterest.
Same great service but for affiliate links only!
This service is the same as my other great and popular Pinterest services. Except that it's for affiliate links only. So instead of pinning your affiliate site or blog or some landing page on it, we'll pin an actual affiliate link. Whether that it's a shortened tracking URL or just any kind of affiliate URL you want!

Types of Affiliate Links Product Services to Pin to these Boards
  • Physical products, clothing, fashion, food, travel tickets, trinkets etc
  • Amazon products, eBay products, Etsy products, Shopify products etc
  • Digital products, eBooks, video courses, lessons, music, art etc
  • Digital services, SEO, social media stuff, web design services etc
Current links not allowed: ClickBank,

20 Pinterest Community Group Board Pins!

NOTE: For larger plans your pins will be spread out over a few days to a week. We may pin several different images to the same boards. It depends on your niche and how many boards we have in it. All nice and natural high quality images and pins with your affiliate links in them. We can use multiple images for multiple pins. We can even create them for you if you don't have any you can use. Let us handle that for you if you need us to!

Place your order now and send me your affiliate link/s.
We'll start on your order in 24 hours or less.

Thanks and to your success!
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